DOXcontrol TM software is available for license at a fraction of the cost of alternative products in the market --  which are much more complicated and much more expensive. Why pay $25,000 to $40,000 for standalone provisioning software, which requires an IT department and expensive overheads?  Or why keep paying $7-9/modem/month for outsourced provisioning ?  We make it easy to take control of your own system and save! 

We offer several licensing plans to meet your budget.  Are you paying too much now? Are you spending too much time yourself on provisioning & not enough time adding more subscribers?  
Please contact us today to discuss your needs. DOXcontrol TM has been tested for interoperability with the following CMTS systems:

ARRIS/Nortel CMTS 1000/1100/1500, Cadant C3, C4, C4c
CASA C1G, C2200, C3200, C10G
Cisco uBR 7111/7114, 7223/7246, 7246VXR, 7225VXR, 10012
Terayon BW3200, BW3500
Motorola BSR1000/2000, BSR64000
Bigband/ADC Cuda Series 12000
Pico Broadband MiniCMTS200a
Chongqing D3 JH-HE3416

For a DOXcontrol quote, please call us at 734-665-3000 or email us today.